Timely reaction by woman home guard saves the lives of many

This encouraging news comes to us from Ghaziabad, India.

In the nick of time by a woman home guard of the Ghaziabad Development Authority’s mobile enforcement team helped to avert a major accident when the vehicle’s driver suffered a heart attack while he was driving a truck with 15 personnel on board.

GDA officials elaborate. This incident happened on September 9th, when a team of GDA officials along with staff from the enforcement department, the police and the home guard as well had gone for a sealing drive to Akbarpur-Behrampur in Vijay Nagar.

After completing their work there, the team was returning in a mini truck that is used for transporting personnel. According to the account of ManjuUpadhaya, who was the brave home guard, they had left after sealing buildings and at 2.15 pm the vehicle was on Somvaar Bazaar Road. After two minutes, Rishi Pal the driver fell unresponsive on to the steering wheel. Consequently, the direction of the vehicle changed and headed towards an electric pole and a group of children playing.

Manju tried to shout out a warning but she realized that her voice would not reach the children. So she immediately grabbed the steering wheel and turned the vehicle away from the danger. The vehicle stopped with a jerk and Manju immediately turned off the ignition. After the truck came to a stop, other personnel rushed to the driver and pulled him out. The driver was rushed to a private hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Manju was duly felicitated and congratulated by GDA officials who say that it was due to her timely reaction that the lives of the staff were saved. She was also congratulated for saving the children playing on the street.

SK Rai, the secretary of the authority said, “Her presence of mind saved the lives of the staff and the others on the road and her action is commendable. Otherwise, there could have been a major mishap. The driver was taken to a hospital but he passed away. We will take all possible measures to provide compensation to his family.”

Image Source: Hindustan Times

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