New Initiative To Serve Leftover Food To The Needy

This positive news comes to us from Bhopal, India

There are tonnes of leftover food which is wasted every single day. It often gets thrown away and at the same time, there are innumerable people who end up sleeping hungry. This prompted the Bhopal Municipal Corporation to take some steps as they came up with a new scheme which was designed solely to collect the excess food from the different avenues like hotels, caterers, hostels and then distribute it to those who need it.

As per the estimates and the figures, as much as 50 tonnes of food is dumped on a daily basis which can be categorized as fit for consumption. The need was felt to cut down the food wastage ratio and it seemed like a great way to serve two tasks with one stone.

This plan came into being after BMC’s first successful scheme of ‘Kitaab Ghar’ wherein they collected one lakh books and put them in five libraries where they can be accessed easily.

This new food delivery initiative is actually linked to the Swacch Bharat mission. A lot of measures were spoken about as reduction of plastics use and segregation methods need to be implemented to maximize the chance of food reuse. Further, the emphasis was also paid on reducing bulk food waste, dry and wet waste and other composting methods as well.

So, these initiatives are surely a step in the right direction. Not only will it help in cutting down the wastage which was occurring otherwise, but at the same time, it is a noble cause of feeding those who can barely afford one meal a day. More and more cities and states should come up with such kind schemes that could help the poor and needy and contribute to the welfare of the environment as well.

Source: Postmates

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