The New Chauka System Helps Village Become Water Sufficient

This inspiring story comes to us from Rajasthan, India

School dropout, Laxman Singh came up with an all new system that turned out to be a new chapter for villagers in Rajasthan.

Laxman Singh was often mocked by his fellow villagers and they asked him to help his father who too was a farmer rather than wondering about how to revive the ponds in the village. It comes as a pleasant surprise that Laporiya, the remote village in Rajasthan, where he lives remains the only one in Rajasthan to be self-sufficient in water.

There was a time when the water crisis was so severe that people didn’t know what to do. Farmers were facing serious issues and they had to withdraw their children from school and look for ways by which they could make their ends meet.

It was during that time that Laxman Singh indentified a broken bund which is a small stone dam that had been dry for nearly three decades and sought out to repay it.

He kept asking others but to no avail. He finally sought help from two other friends and when they headed to the bund; they managed to gather three more people. As they kept working, more and more people joined him in his initiative.

It took some time and he then also formed an NGO called Gram Vikas Navyuvak Mandal Laporiya for carrying out such activities in a coordinated manner.

After two months of hard work, the bund was filled with rainwater and by the year 1984, it was producing water for as much as 1800 acres of farmland.  The water from this bund is used solely for irrigation purposes by the farmers.

He took this initiative forward and decided to recharge several such dormant lakes and ponds.

Source: Gaon Connection

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