Little Girls Donate Hair For Noble Cause

This inspiring news comes to us from Gurugram, India

Two sisters, namely Elakshi and Samaira who study in grades 6 and 3 respectively are currently donning an all-new look. The sisters ended up sniping major part of their long beautiful hair for something really noble.

Elakshi was quoted as saying, “We saw an online video about a girl who had gifted a wig before she went back to school. The girl in the video had lost her hair while she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. We saw how excited the girl was with the wig. I will never forget that smile.”

There are so many people who lose hair because of chemotherapy and so the sisters wanted to do something so that they could do their bit for the sake of helping such patients.

Samaira was also wondering if she would look nice or not once she chopped off her hair, but when she discussed the same thing with her mother Cynthia, she assured her daughter that she would look even more beautiful.

Elakshi, on the other hand, was a little more perturbed as she kept on wondering how her friends would react to the whole situation. However, it was her mother who emerged as her pillar of support as she told her as to how she was doing commendable work that would fetch her best of blessings. They kept their hair safe so they could send it to Mumbai where it will be used for making a wig.

There are several places in India wherein you too can donate your hair to make sure that your hair could bring a smile on someone’s face. So, be all set to do your bit if you too would like to make someone happy.

Often, it is these little acts which prove that the world is a happy place.

Source: The Better India

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