Gurgaon’s Chhole Kulche lady makes it big

This inspiring news comes to us from Gurgaon, India.

A woman who lives in a 3cr house and owns SUV’s is expected to keep an elite company. You would not expect her on the streets selling food from a stall. Yes, that is what 34-year-old UrvashiYadav has done, her drastic shift of profession comes after her husband suffered an injury to his foot and doctors suggested that he go in for a hip replacement surgery.

Urvashi has for the last 45 days been selling chole-kulche and alooparantha from a thela or a wooden cart. Her husband’s second foot injury in the last 6 years made her fear for the future. Urvashi wanted to support her family in times of need and it is how she thought up the idea of selling food from a roadside makeshift stall.

Previously Urvashi used to be occupied as a nursery school teacher. But after her husband Amit’s injury happened, she realized that she had to step forward and contribute to the family’s earnings as her two children were studying in junior school.

“We may not be financially weak today but I cannot risk the future. Instead of waiting for the situation to go bad, I had to plan something. I realized that I will not save enough money by working as a teacher. Since I love cooking, I thought why not invest in it” says Urvashi.

It was on 31st May that Amit fell in their house in sector 17A. His surgery is slated for December though the chances of him walking again are low. The very next day after the accident Urvashi quit her job as a nursery teacher and 15 days later she set up shop under a peepal tree close to the Sector 14 Market.

In the initial days, Urvashi faced a lot of rejection, ridicule, harassment as well as back-breaking work from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon. But she persevered and soon people started thronging her stall. Her stall became even more popular after it appeared on a Facebook post by an influencer Sunali. The post has received 27,000 likes and 9,000 shares. She won the approval of hundreds of customers who would throng her humble stall to eat and also show their support.

As for her income, Urvashi says that she earns in between 2500 and 3000 a day and is happy with her earnings. With this, Urvashi’s started to dream big. She had plans to expand her enterprise and saved enough to buy her first-ever food truck along with a license.

Now, Urvashi has shown that it is possible to succeed if you dream big. She has opened the doors to “Urvashi’s Food Joint” in Gurgaon. She now does not serve only chholekulche, she has a delectable list of savories on the menu that are sure to tickle the taste buds of any customer.

Image source: Jansatta

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