Alert nurse saves the day and rescues 9 premature babies

This wonderful news comes to us from Nagpur, India.

Prompt and alert action by a nurse, SavitaIkhar who was on night duty, saved the lives of 9 premature babies at Indira Gandhi Government College and Hospital in the dead of night at 2.30 am this past Saturday. Her daring feat came after there was an electrical short circuit at the post-birth unit (PBU-NICU) at the department of pediatrics.

In this extraordinary escapade, Ikhar made sure that the babies were evacuated safely. She did not forget to put billas or identification tags on the babies for proper identification later. Additionally, she also saw that the jumbo oxygen cylinders were on, and she immediately turned them off to avert what would have been a terrible tragedy. What makes her actions all the more important is that the hospital lacks a firefighting facility and equipment.

The rescued babies are from one day to 15 days old and there are four males and five females. They have been shifted to the general ward of the department in the absence of another place to house them. When the short circuit happened, Savita was all alone in the ward. Having just finished feeding a baby, she was shocked to see to the electrical panel with the MCB going up in flames. In the absence of firefighting equipment and facilities, the only thing to do for her was to raise an alarm. Savita did just that and screamed for help. At the same time, she realized that help would not arrive in time. So she rushed inside the PBU in a bid to evacuate the babies herself.

Savita says, “The short circuit crippled power supply and smoke started entering the PBU-NICU. One of the machine lamps was still working. I first grabbed four babies in both arms and after putting on their tags, I rushed out. These babies were not on oxygen so it was easy to move them.”

The ever-watchful nurse left the four babies on a gynecology operation theater bed before sprinting back to rescue the remaining babies. After witnessing the flames in the PBU and alerted by Savita’s shouts, administration staff and nurses came running to help Savita. They then evacuated the remaining 5 babies, 3 of whom were on oxygen.

According to officials, the MCB was completely burnt and the PBU was left without any power. The PBU will be invalid for about a week as repairs need to be carried out and the PBU fumigated. The authorities will shift the babies from the general ward to the PBU as per the availability.

Had it not been for the exemplary actions of Savita, there would have been a major tragedy and authorities would have rued the incident.

Image source: Momspresso

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