AdrikaGoyal the brave heart to receive bravery award

This inspiring news comes to us from Bhopal, India.

When AdrikaGoyal was all of 6 years old, she suffered serious and grievous injuries in a fire. Doctors told her parents that she would never be able to walk in her life. However now, at 10 years old, Adrika walked confidently up the stage and received a bravery award from President RamnathKovind. Her brother Kartik also was felicitated.

AdrikaGoyal and brother Kartik showed what mettle they are made up of on April 2, 2018, when the passengers of Chattisgarh Express were attacked during a bandh on SC-ST atrocity act in Morena. The protestors prevented the train from budging and the passengers were well and truly stuck. Seeing this, the two siblings, who lived nearby, ran back home to gather all that was cooked and served the whole train with food and water, without a care for their lives.

Their father AkshatGoyal says, “Our home is just 200 m from Morena Station. Both kids wanted to help the passengers. They ran from one coach to the other to provide food and water to the passenger.”

As Adrika and Kartik were serving the passengers, the protestors started pelting stones at the train and the situation turned grim. But soon the photos and videos went viral on social media. Seeing this, other people joined in and started assisting the passengers.

All this is a far cry from the situation 4 years ago when Adrika suffered the accident. Doctors pronounced that she would not be able to walk again and advised her father to start helping her so that she does not fall into a depression. Adrika says, “Despite treatment I was not able to stand properly. Several people had started showing pity on my situation. I was very upset and felt dejected.”

To help his daughter get over the issue, Akshat admitted Adrika to Taekwondo classes. Although hesitant to continue classes, she soon developed a keen interest and was awarded her black belt by the time she turned eight.

So far Adrika has trained nearly 20,000 people in Taekwondo. She also has won a gold medal in International English Olympiad and since class 1 has always been the class topper. For all her achievements Adrika has been named in three different world book records for her skills and talents.

Image source: Indian Eagle

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