Ugandan man becomes lawyer in order to win back family land

This wonderful news comes to us from Uganda.

Jordan Kinyera had been waiting for this moment for a long time. It was 23 years after his family’s land was taken during his childhood when he was all of 6 years old.

The land was returned to Kinyera’s family by the High Court of Uganda back in April after Kinyera studied to become a lawyer to ensure that justice is done.

Kinyera is now paying it forward by helping families in a similar predicament, he also spreads the word about land disputes in his country.

Mr. Kinyera’s father had lived on the same property since his childhood but lost the land after being sued by neighbors in a dispute dating back to 1996.

Mr. Kinyera says, “He had a lot of emotional attachment to it, having buried many of his deceased relatives on it, including his brother after whom I was named.

As he called up his 82-year-old father to give him the good news, his father was overwhelmed by the good news and broke down and cried.

Mr. Kinyera put in hard work as he worked through 18 years of school and college including legal training and he says that this knowledge that his retired father lacked allowed him to adequately contest the case and provided the motivation to sally forth through the years of the case being heard in court.

Land disputes, according to the legal advocacy group Namati happen with 35-50% of Ugandans who have to fight for their rights. This is largely due to the fact that many Ugandans become displaced during war-torn tears only to return and find their land usurped.

Mr. Kinyera says that this issue is so rampant in the country that an entire branch of the High Court is dedicated to disputes over land. He has vowed that he and his siblings will work to fulfill their elderly father’s dream for the land.

Image source: Daily Mail

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