Missing Teddy Hunt Helps Find Him Back

This happy news comes to us from Airdrie, Canada

A family went to vacation in Airdrie Canada but when they return backed home to Nova Scotia; they found that their seven-year-old Duncan happened to misplace his little teddy bear.

Mind you, this isn’t your regular stuffed toy and it was really special to Duncan because it contained a personal voice message which was recorded by Duncan’s birth mom before she passed away.

It was time for his stepmom to step up and help. She posted the details on the internet along with the pictures of the bear and asked the netizens to find the beloved stuffed animal. It soon was called as the great teddy bear hunt of 2019.

Soon after, Heidi Erickson, a resident of Airdrie found the teddy bear in a backpack when she was out to drop her son at the Nose Creek Park. When she saw the backpack, she felt that it was familiar and as soon as she opened it, she found the teddy bear inside it.

Such was the prolific coverage of the news that the bear is going to be on a victory tour around the city. A lot of locals have fallen in love with both the bear and the story. It is now going to soon be in the arms of Duncan and he could once again be all ears to his mother’s words.

The citizens of Airdrie are all praises for both moms of Duncan as one of them cared enough to leave him a message while the other spearheaded the search wagon to ensure that little Duncan didn’t lose out on the thing which perhaps mattered the most to him.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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