Metallica To Fund A New Children Hospital In Romania

This inspiring news comes to us from Romania.

It was 20 long years ago when the famous band Metallica last played in Romania. The band decided to celebrate its return to the European nation in thumping style. They are going to make a really significant contribution to the medical community.

As a part of their world wired global tour, the band has been doing some kind of charity work in every city they have been touring. As they kick off the final leg of the European part of their tour, they are going to donate a whopping amount of €250,000. This amount, in turn, will be used for building the first pediatric oncology and radiotherapy hospital in Romania and they want to ensure that the latest technology will be used so that children at large could benefit from it.

Even before their show kick-started at Arena National in Bucharest, Romania, the band made it a point to offer the check to Daruieste Viata who is the organization which will be in charge of the construction of the hospital. The president of this association was quoted as saying, “The donation made by Metallica has a special meaning to our project … their music inspires and touches so many Romanians, and at the same time, so many Romanians are inspired by and contribute to the establishment of the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital in Romania, in order to give children with cancer a chance to live.”

It is sad to add that only 50% of the children with cancer end up surviving in Romania. The rate is very low compared to other countries. Once the hospital has been built, it will be the only project which would be funded exclusively by private donors and also the first state of the art hospital in Romania in as many as 30 years.

So, the fans of Metallica definitely have a lot to be happy about.

Source: Good News Network

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