App designed by destitute girls wins $12k in US science meet

This uplifting news comes to us from Chennai, India.

Three Indian girls, two of whom are from a shelter home for destitute children, have developed a smartphone app which has won the first prize of $12,000 at an international and prestigious competition that sees all-girl teams taking part to tackle real-life problems.

The three-member team included Stella, Ishwarya, and Akshara who are all between 10 and 14 years old, and they won the first prize at Technovation Girls which is an annual competition hosted by a nonprofit in the US called Technovation for their designed app. The app is called Baton and it provides a collaborative platform for social work initiatives.

Akshara was over the moon at winning and she says,” I feel great about this. Technovation Challenge is a great opportunity for girls around the globe and the prize money will help us develop our app further.”

In this year’s challenge, 72000 girls from 15 countries were asked to develop a mobile application to solve an issue they had identified in the community. The team from Baton won the first place in the junior category overcoming stiff competition from other, well-designed apps.

The app named Baton is designed to amplify the social impact of initiatives which are started by social work interns or students in underserved communities. Baton hands over the initiative from one intern to another, and it collaborates with NGO’s, corporations and institutions.

The girls say” Just like in a relay race the baton is handed over from one athlete to another, our app hands over the social work initiatives started by a social worker to the next and this continues till social impact is achieved.”

Stella and Ishwarya are residents in a home run by NGO Padhai, and Akshara is a Class 6 student. All three of them came together to form Team Social Relay which they dub a team for inclusiveness and equality. According to Tara Chklovski, CEO and Founder of Technovation, the team exceeded ambitions with the Baton app. “the judges were impressed with the design of the application and noted that it was well thought out with a sophisticated workflow. They felt the girls addressed a very adult topic in a smart and a caring way.” she says.

Image source: Times Of India

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