Families fight court battle for custody, yet siblings tie Rakhi in court

This wonderful news comes to us from Meerut, India.

Two young siblings who were separated ever since their mother allegedly committed suicide in 2015 celebrated Rakshabandhan in court on Thursday. The sister is 16 years old while her younger brother is 8 years old.

Their mother was a lecturer who allegedly committed suicide back in 2015 after which the maternal grandparents took away their granddaughter. The boy remained with his father. After this, both sides filed for custody of the brother-sister duo and the case is still pending in both the high court as well as the district court.

The father had filed an application in the district court to allow the children to celebrate Rakshabandhan and the court had relented. The rakhi ceremony took place in the chamber of remand magistrate.

The paternal grandfather of the children said “I could not hold back my tears after seeing the reunion. My grandson misses his sister who has promised to come back one day. But no one knows how long these cases will go on. I only hope and pray that the cases are resolved sooner than later.”

There is bitterness between the two sides and it persists to this day. The maternal grandparents of the kids say that their daughter was murdered and had filed an FIR against her in-laws.

“The woman was murdered by her in-laws and the daughter was the sole witness. She came to her maternal grandparent’s house for her own safety. The case is still pending in court although her in-laws are trying to prove that their daughter in law committed suicide. The girl’s statement in court also substantiates the fact that her mother was murdered”, says Mahender Kumar who is the advocate for the woman’s parents.

Image source: Hybrid Parenting

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