A Teenager From Bengaluru Defeats Cancer And Bags Medal At Games

This inspiring story comes to us from Bengaluru, India

Cancer is undoubtedly one of the deadliest of diseases which crushes the lives of too many people. Hritik Machaiah Alamanda is the Bengaluru teenager who was diagnosed with cancer at an unripe age. However, he was not the one who would give up so easily and this is why he decided to not just defeat cancer but he also went ahead and participated in international games as well.

He took part in the world children’s winter games 2019 which is exclusively for cancer survivors. The game was held in Moscow between July 4th and 7th. As many as 10 Indian children represented India at this international sports competition. Despite having seen some of the toughest days early in his life, his iron-will and determination meant that he ended up winning gold in swimming and silver in chess.

The diagnosis had broken apart the family as his parents had no clue that such a tiny little boy could suffer from something as terrible as cancer.

“Initially it was devastating. It was too hard even to accept it, but we decided to be fiercely positive no matter what. We would keep saying everything will work out. I would ask him to repeat that he is going to be fine,” said his mother.

Ultimately, their determination and positive outlook did pave the right path as he was declared cancer-free in December 2017.  The ride has been long but Hritik is happy that he overcame what is often the deadliest disease that ends up breaking people from the inside. He has a bright future ahead of him and he hopes to live a normal life and never faces the peril of cancer again.

Source: Times Of India

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