Woman who sang “Ek pyar ka nagma hai” at Railway Station gets a stunning makeover

This uplifting news comes to us from West Bengal, India.

Do you remember the woman at Ranaghat Railway Station in West Bengal who gave voice to Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen song “Ek Pyar ka Nagma Hai”? Her take of the song from the movie Shor recently went viral on social media.

Here’s the interesting bit. The woman who was identified as Ranu Mondal just got a makeover. And this makeover is drawing huge attention to her and her life.

Her singing video was shared on Facebook where it notched up 3.9 million views along with 59.7k shares. This is an internet breaker if ever there were one and comments and likes are still pouring in for her stellar performance.

We all know the power of social media in making a star out of someone and this is exactly what happened in Ranu’s case. She has been inundated with offers for performances from Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala and even cross-border Bangladesh. To top it all she has even received offers to record her own music album!

Ranu’s makeover has been sponsored by the executives of the shows who have been offering her a spot under the spotlights. She also has been offered to appear on a reality show in Mumbai with her travel and expenses being paid for by the show’s runners.

Ranu’s amazing makeover has garnered enormous interest and appreciation across the internet and you can check it out from the picture below. On Facebook, the photos of her makeover have gone viral with innumerable likes and shares.

Ranu was married to her husband Bablu Mondal in Mumbai. But after her husband died, she returned to her native West Bengal where she was making a living singing song to daily passengers on the trains. But all that is potentially set to change with her newfound celebrity status.

Image source: India Times

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