Biker Boy’ Never Say Die Attitude Helps Him Get Back His Arm

This inspiring news comes to us from Mumbai, India

Pratik Joshi is a diehard cricket fan and he always dreamt of excelling at the game. It was back on 1st of April that Joshi was returning back to his home in Ghatkopar while riding his bike that he met a fatal accident. A truck close to the Wadala truck depot hit him badly and this ended up completely crushing his left arm. He also lost massive amounts of blood. When the locals decided to rush him to the nearest hospital, the doctors saw his terrible state and decided that it was the only amputation which was the feasible option.

His family was later contacted and Joshi went through a series of surgeries that spanned a duration of six weeks. In all, he underwent 16 surgeries and even free tissues had to be taken from his thigh and abdomen region to ensure that they could replace the lost skin and even the soft tissue.

However, his never say die spirit meant that he stayed hopeful that he will soon be working normally. His father runs a business which deals in glasses and mirrors and owing to the endless surgeries, he has now regained complete control of his hand.

Such has been his attitude that he is hopeful that he will once again play his favorite game too. Often, the doctors too believe that it is the attitude of the patients which make all the difference. As long as the patients are willing to put a fight; none of the medicines and surgeries can work.

A lot of people can learn from the valiant behavior of Joshi and overcome the toughest of situations to come out strong and victorious.

Source: Times Of India

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