Ethiopia sets new world record for trees planted in a single day

This happy news comes to us from Ethiopia.

As many as 350 million trees gave been planted as a part of the government-led project. This has been mainly done to combat the problems of deforestation. This happy day happened to be on July 29th, 2019. The prime minister of the country, Mr. Abiy Ahmed came up with a green legacy initiative. He encouraged people all across Ethiopia to plant 200 million trees on a single day. But, it is believed that more and more people came forward for the initiative and the number is therefore expected to be way higher.

Getahun Mekuria, the minister of innovation and technology told that the final count had surpassed 353 million by Monday evening. No doubt, this is emphatic news and is proof of the fact that when the right steps are taken, we may be able to program the best changes for the environment.

The initiatives were taken wide and large. There were government organizations and even NGOs who ended up asking their staff to participate in this project. There were more than 1000 sites in the courtly where trees were planted.

“Billions of trees will need to be planted globally to capture the amount of carbon needed to slow climate change,” said Donald Mavunduse, director of international operations at Send a Cow. “Nevertheless, if we can all harness this community spirit and put the needs of the planet first, then we might actually make this tree-filled vision a reality.”

As we need to understand that the environment has to be protected at all cost, it is about time that the right action is taken and the best of measures are implemented. Often, it is the right set of steps taken for the betterment of the government which makes the key difference.

It is stories like this which inspire us to do better.

Image Source: Nairobi News


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