Cop From Vadodara Becomes The Angel With Wings For A Tiny Girl

This amazing story comes to us from Vadodara, India

Those who are aware of the Indian mythology and tradition know it fully well that Vasudev had carried Lord Krishna over his head in a little basket when he crossed the Yamuna river which was raging with excess water.

A cop in Vadodara seems to have mimicked the whole iconic scene as he saved a one-month-old girl. The cop happens to GK Chavda who is the sub-inspector at the Raopura police station. A lot of people were stranded near the Devpura settlement. The rescue operations started right away when the police came to know about it.

As many as 70 people were shifted, but a couple and their one-month-old girl were left behind. It was then that this sub-inspector decided to get into the action mode himself.

The couple was hesitant to cross the flooded river because their baby was too little. Chavda convinced them that he would take the right care of the baby as he wrapped her up in a blanket and put her in a basket. He then held her close in one hand and clutched the rope with the help of his other hand. It was dangerous but he managed to finally save the girl and cross the menacing river.

It is these incidents which restore the faith in humanity and the police team as well. For the couple, the cop was nothing less than an angel who was sent by God to save their precious little bundle of joy.

No doubt, these incidents add a feather to the cap of the Indian police force and prove that when there is a crisis, there is always a solution and a messenger waiting to help you out.

Source: Times Of India

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