Japanese Charity Has Changed Empty Homes Into Houses Meant For Single Moms

This inspiring news comes to us from Tokyo, Japan

Little Ones is the Tokyo based charity that has been doing a spending job when it comes to handling poverty and even the troubles faced by single moms in Japan. There are as many as 9 million homes in Japan which seem to be lying vacant and as many as half of the single moms are living in dire poverty. It was then that the charitable organization thought they could connect the two dots and make something out of this.

So, it came up with a simple and logical idea. It has been trying to place single moms in those vacant homes. They identify the properties that have been abandoned and are looking to turn them into affordable housing options. The charity has managed to gain widespread international exposure and recognition for the work they have been doing and they even won the best honors at the world habitat awards as well.

The population of the country is constantly falling and so there are several buildings which are abandoned.  So, Little Ones tracks down the owners of these vacant properties and then they help these owners apply for government grants. This is done so that they could fund the renovation work. Then these homes are used to house struggling single moms.

Ever since 2013, this charitable organization has managed to offer homes to as many as 200 single moms. The rent charged is 20 percent lower than that of the market.

“Little Ones is an ingenious project that addresses the stigmatization and discrimination that single mothers experience in access to housing,” said Leilani Farha, the UN special reporter on adequate housing

So, with such noble projects, it is likely that more and more moms will get a new shot at life.

Image Source: Asia House

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