Karnataka Man builds 21 acre forest using natural resources

This inspiring story comes to us from Karnataka, India

Raghava is the man who can be credited with this wonderful story. He was inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s principles of Natural Farming and therefore he took up the task of transforming the coconut monoculture which he had got from his family to a food forest. It is important to add that he did it without the mixing of cultivation, weeding, fertilizers, or any other chemical predicts.

Unlike his parents, he wasn’t a farmer. He wanted to do his MBA and became an entrepreneur. However, when he took a detour of farms and met farmers; his thinking took a turn for the good. He told,” “The simplicity of the lifestyle and the content that I saw on the faces of sustainable farmers was life-changing. Despite living in remote farms, their knowledge was exponential and in-depth.”

So, he started researching and reading further. He soon wanted to implement Masanobu Fukuoka’s principles of Natural Farming. Today, this food forest is spread across a whopping 21 acres. It has plenty of fruits, vegetables, spices, aromatic plants, medicinal herbs and more. The forest has been named “Aikanthika” and he is now evolving it into ‘A Conscious Experiential Co-learning and Co-evolving Space for Natural Farming & Living’.

There are several volunteers who are signing up for it and they can indulge in different activities which includes the likes of natural healing, natural building, natural clothing and more. There are a lot of other activities too which are carried out here and these include swimming, climbing trees. In short, anything which brings you close to nature can be experienced here.

So, this story sets a befitting example for the rest of us to follow. Anyone who is willing to do their bit for the sake of Mother Nature can come and witness what it feels to be one with nature.

Source: The Better India

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