Telangana Farmer Wins 28 Crore Dubai Lottery

This happy news comes to us from Telangana, India

Vilas Rikkala, 34 years of age, who hails from Telangana had moved to Dubai in the search for work after his village saw a very severe drought. His life had been full of struggles. When he moved to Dubai five years ago, he tried his luck as a coolie, and later even as a driver but after his visa expired; he had no choice but to return to his hometown.

Before returning home though he asked his friends for some money and bought a ticket for 20,000 INR. He knew that he was taking a big risk but the desire to change his palpable circumstances and the hope that better tidings are in store for him forced home to buy this ticket.

He was thinking of re-applying for the visa and heading back to Dubai when a friend of his called him while he was having dinner and told him he had won the big lottery.

The prize amount is actually 15 million dollars which are 28,45,17,877 INR. He was the monthly winner and surely this is a life-changing amount for him. He had taken part in the big-ticket Abu Dhabi raffle which is a massive hit among the Indians living in the Gulf.

He has some big plans as he wants to put the money to the right use. He wants to educate his daughters so that they could have a better shot at life. He will no longer pursue his job but he decided to go to Dubai in a few days time so that he could take his coveted prize back home.

There is no denying the fact that sometimes fortune tends to smile on us and give us reasons to believe that better luck is just around the corner. No doubt, he is one happy farmer who is lucky his risky move paid off.

Source: My Nation

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