Mumbai Woman Chases Dreams After Constant Rejection

This inspiring news comes to us from Mumbai, India

There are so many people who grow up hearing things like, ‘you should not do this’ or ‘you are not meant for this’ and even ‘you cannot ever do this’. It is important that we allow our kids to break free of the shackles and restrictions and let them choose freely whatever it is that they want to pursue.

Geeta Chauhan who is a national level wheelchair basketball champion recalls how she had faced plenty of obstacles en route to her glorious career. He remembered how society always felt that she was too fragile and labeled her as being not good enough even before giving her a chance.

However, she was not born to give up. She never knew how to let go without a fight and this is why she decided to make the most of the adversity which life threw at her. It was polio which took away her healthy walking ability at the unripe age of 6.

“From the very beginning, my father was against me doing anything at all. After Class 10, he didn’t want to fund my education, as it seemed to be a waste of money. He said that my future was anyway going to be resigned to the four corners of the house. Again, my mother stuck by me, pushed hard enough to let me through and help me make my dreams come true!” she adds.

She finished her B.Com and M.Com and then started seeking a job. She was rejected in as many as 28 interviews mainly because of her physical condition as she was bound to a wheelchair but she still didn’t give up. She ultimately landed up a marketing job but it was eventually the basketball which gave her the passion that kept her going.

She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to win despite the odds.

Source: The Better India

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