Four brothers out at sea save little Irish girl from drowning

This wonderful news comes to us from Ireland.

Four American brothers traveled to Ireland last week as visitors but after they rescued a little girl and her father from drowning in the ocean, they are now leaving Ireland as heroes.

Eoghan, Walter and Declan Butler had traveled to the Emerald Isles from Washington DC with their brother in law Alex Thompson so that they could attend their grandfather’s funeral.

The four young men had been preparing to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Portmarnock Beach when they heard someone calling for a lifeguard. A 6-year-old girl on a flotation device had been swept out to sea by a rogue current and her father was calling for help.

Eoghan, Declan, and Alex immediately sprinted into the ocean to rescue the girl and Walter stayed on shore in case someone needed CPR.

The young girl had already drifted half a mile from the shore and the three brothers were forced to swim for 25 minutes in order to reach her. This was a harrowing feat even for the athletic young men.

After they reached the girl the brothers took turns swimming on their backs in order to tow the girl’s flotation device back to shore on their chests.

After the girl was brought back to shore, Eoghan and Declan noticed that the girl’s father was still in the water after he had put on a life vest to swim out and help with the rescue mission. The twin brothers again plunged into the water to rescue the struggling father as well.

The young men were relieved to have rescued the father-daughter duo and felt quite emotional when they were paid a visit the next day by the girl’s mother.

Furthermore, the brothers realized that their rescue was eerily coincidental. They had rescued the little girl on the very same day that the brother of their deceased grandfather had drowned several decades ago.

Walter says that it is a godly, guardian angel kind of feeling.

Video Link: Fox5DC

Image source: Fox5DC

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