Teen wins $50,000 science fair prize for removing microplastics from water

This wonderful news comes to us from Ireland.

An Irish teenager just won $50,000 for his project focusing on extracting microplastics from water.

When most teenagers are busy looking for new ways to make mischief, Fionn Ferreira, the teenager from Ireland spent his time and effort doing something productive and constructive. He recently won the 2019 science fair for his project which mainly focused on extracting the micro-plastics from water.

He ended up winning the grand prize which was a whopping $50,000. No doubt, this has given him a great impetus and it is brilliant minds like his which needs to be offered the right support so they could make the environment a much better place to live in.

He made use of 10 of the most commonly found micro-plastics which is present in wastewater. This also includes the ones which are present in washing machines and even the cosmetic products. So, he made use of a great systematic method which proves he could easily recover nearly 85% of the micro plastics from his sample.

Fionn was quoted as saying, “From the results, I conclude that my method would form the basis for an effective way of extracting microplastic from wastewater before the settling process in wastewater treatment centers,”

The problem of plastics and water contamination is very severe. It is important that we inspire teenagers and youth to come up with the best of ideas which could help us manage the waste and make the world a better place for us and even the generations to come.

As humans, we have been piling up too much waste in our ecosystem. Surely this teenager from Ireland seems to have touched the right chords and we hope that in the times to come, the plans and ideas can be implemented into action and something concrete could come out of it.

Every little step is going to count and matter.

Image Source: Irish Times

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