Teens push stranded woman’s car 5 miles back home

This good news comes to us from Canada.

When a woman’s car broke down in Canada, three kind teens banded together to push it all the way home.

Aeron McQuillin 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15 were headed to a store in Ontario around 1 AM last week when they spotted a woman’s car bang in the middle of the road.

Campbell says, “We noticed a car smoking.”

The teens say that they pulled over to help inspect the car and realized it was not going to run. The first thing they did was to push the car to a nearby parking lot.

McQuillin says, “We decided to get the car out of the road because it’s really not the best place to have a broken-down car. “

The woman couldn’t afford a tow truck so the teens went a step further. After some discussion, the teens decided to push the Chevy Cobalt to the woman’s house. Another bystander Dan Morrison offered the teens a ride back home when they were done.

“We ended up pushing her car roughly 5 miles to her house that night,” McQuillin said. “About 20-30 minutes in, our calves hurt and we were like, ‘This is getting really tiring’ but we just kept going. We pushed through the pain.”

The woman steered as they made the journey, and they played music on a Bluetooth speaker to keep them motivated.

Morrison followed behind with his high beams on to make sure they were safe.

McQuillin said he hopes their good deed inspires others.

“Kids our age have a stigma that they’re all lazy and they’re always up to no good,” McQuillin said. “This just goes to show that not every kid our age is bad as well as, that people shouldn’t be afraid to lend a helping hand.”

Image source: Sunny Skyz

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