Hiking all over Nepal, Eye Doctor restores sight to 130, 000 people

This wonderful news comes to us from Nepal.

Despite the fact that cataracts are the most common and treatable form of blindness, there are hundreds and thousands of people suffering from this condition in Nepal each and every day. This is the reason why one doctor has been working ceaselessly to restore their vision.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit is an ophthalmologist who has trekked all across Nepal in order to perform cataract surgeries on the blind people who live in remote areas. With his surgical equipment in tow, Dr. Ruit has been embarking on 7-day hikes for the purpose of treating blindness due to cataracts.

Ruit also happens to be the executive director of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology which is a Kathmandu based nonprofit that serves as many as 1 million people.

With the goal of providing affordable and supportable cataract surgery, Dr. Ruitinnovated the idea of a simpler technique for cataract surgery. He advanced the method from the traditional way of surgery which took a few days to only a few minutes.

He set up health camps in various places to examine and treat patients but was reported to the government by some undesirable people. In 1989 Sanduk took his idea to an international medical conference in the hope of gathering support. However, his idea was slammed by several doctors who claimed it was too expensive and complicated. Although having many opposers his determination did not fade away.

He took the risk of continuing on his own and managed to develop a new type of intraocular lens worth only $3 from the erstwhile $200. This was a major development that allowed Dr. Ruit to treat the many people in Nepal.

As of now, Dr. Ruit is still providing service for 3 decades. He has supported and restored the sight of 130,000 people in third world countries like Nepal, Myanmar, India, Sudan, Ghana, Ethiopia, and North Korea.

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Image source: Asia Society

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