Woman gives more than 800 animals a retirement home

This wonderful news comes to us from Chennai, India.

A barbaric practice was going on in Chennai where over 20,000 dogs would be killed in the Basin Bridge Lethal Chamber. They would be doused in saltwater and would be electrocuted where all they need is some loving care.

Shiranee Pereira is an animal lover and activist who has fought many battles for making the world more sensitive and caring towards animals. Her first major victory was on 25th September 1995 where thanks to her efforts the hideous practice of electrocution was finally banned.

Today after having saved almost millions of lives over the last 26 years, Shiranee stands tall as one of the most prominent animal rights activists in India.

“I might not have human kids but I am every bit a mother to 800 beautiful creatures. Every evening when I go to check on them and tuck them to sleep is one of the most emotionally rewarding times of the day for me. “, says Shiranee.

Shiranee started the Chennai chapter of People for Animals in 1994 and the organization since then has helped thousands of animals in getting a new lease of life.

Shiranee has been a leading researcher at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research for over the last 20 years. She has a PhD in aquatic biology and has dedicated her life to looking out for animals not just by providing shelter and care but also by fighting for their rights. One of the focus areas of her work involves animals that are used for laboratory testing.

Shiranee is a member of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) which is a statutory body under the Indian Government. She managed to create history by helping in the passing of two national guidelines for the treatment of laboratory animals.

The first guideline was released in 2002 which was for the ethical use of equines in anti-snake venom serum production. The second guideline released in 2014 and was for limiting the use and reuse of dogs along with their rehabilitation.

The PFA campus is located in Red Hills, Chennai and is a place where miracles happen quite frequently. This keeps motivating Shiranee as well as her band of volunteers. With hundreds of dogs, 120 cats, 40 goats, 185 cattle, 16 ponies and 11 thoroughbred horses, Shiranee signs off by saying that because of the animals, her home is a ball of happy memories that does not fail to inspire and delight every single day.

Image Source: People for Animals- Chennai (PFA)/Facebook

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