Auto driver once wanted to end life, now feeding thousands

This inspiring news comes to us from Chennai, India.

If things had gone his way, he would not have been here today. In 1992 B Murugan had written his class 10 exams and having failed, he thought of suicide. Twenty-seven years on, he runs an organization that takes care of the homeless and feeds them meals every week. In addition, he is happily married with two children.

B Murugan recollects the day his life turned upside down. Having failed the examinations he did not take the occurrence too well. He ran away from home with Rs 300 in his pocket and decided that wherever the bus took him he would end his life there. The bus took him to Sirimugai in Coimbatore which was about 500km away from his hometown Chennai.

“I felt worthless. At 2 AM in Sirumugai as I sat on the footpath I met an elderly cobbler who sheltered me for the night. I saw many unfortunate people around me sleeping on the footpath. I realized that taking my life would be a horrible thing when it could be spent on helping others in need.”

This changed Murugan’s life.

All the beggars at the Sirumugai bus stop collected money for him to go back to Chennai but he decided to stay put and do something useful. The first job he got was waiting tables and cleaning them. He did this for 6 months after which his job was to distribute the newspaper every morning. When the company that had hired him for the odd jobs closed down, it prompted Murugan to apply for a driving license in 2006.

“The money I made by driving the auto was spent on feeding the homeless.”, he says.

Of the 3000 rupees that he would earn every month, a part of the money would go to buy rice and vegetables for the children of a differently-abled school nearby. While Murugan kept changing jobs, he did not stop feeding the needy and their numbers have been increasing.

Inspired by his work 6 other friends joined Murugan and he started an organization in 2008 called “Nizhal Maiyam” meaning “shade to the homeless”. Slowly but surely other people started to pitch in for help. Today the organization provides home-cooked sambar rice for more than 1,300 people each and every Sunday.

Murugan spends approximately Rs 20000 a week on ingredients for the meal. What was once a single man’s mission has over 50 volunteers today.

Image source: The Better India

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