Padman of Rajasthan-spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene

This uplifting news comes to us from Rajasthan, India.

Meet young Om Prakash from Udaipur. He also fondly goes by the name of “Padman” in reference to the blockbuster Hindi movie by the same name. He and a group of boys have taken it upon themselves to run awareness campaigns for topics such as menstruation for women and other physical problems that they encounter.

The most unique and refreshing thing about Om Prakash’s campaigns is that the boys of his team are fully trained to stitch sanitary pads. They are also on top of women’s health awareness issues. As the boys tailored a new batch of pads, when asked, they replied that they would give the newly stitched sanitary pads to the women and daughters of their families without any kind of hesitation at all.

Om Prakash has been working in a seven-year-old institute has completed successfully over 100 different workshops at various parts of the country, talking about menstrual health and the many problems that women are facing on a daily basis. There was a workshop of about 150 IAS officers recently and Om Prakash found his way there to give a lecture on menstrual problems.

In addition to Rajasthan, the campaign has launched in Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh. Om Prakash has also organized awareness campaign in Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the Central Northeast Development Ministry. In Hisar, for example, the menfolk stood outside the workshop building but as soon as they heard that the topic was menstrual health, they took off one by one.

It is true that in a country which is considered male predominantly there is no open talk about women’s cleanliness. Om Prakash says that destroying the sanitary pad should be a job for the local municipal authorities. However, the pad is not destroyed simply by throwing it upon the ground. There needs to be a concrete plan to dispose of sanitary napkins after use.

Om Prakash says that before he started with the awareness campaign, he was sure that women would not take his point seriously, him being a man. But when the campaign started, women started speaking openly about the issue. Kudos to Om Prakash for breaking gender stereotypes in this manner, his actions will have far-reaching consequences.

Image source: Hindustan Times

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