Earth Saviours Foundation- a place of hope for the homeless

This inspiring news comes to us from Gurgaon, India.

When the mentally challenged boy Rinku could not be cared for by his single mother, he was brought to a homeless shelter located in Bhandwari village on the outskirts of Gurgaon. Sarita Devi, a pregnant woman when abandoned by her husband, was sent to this open to all shelter by court order.

This foundation is Earth Saviours Foundation (ESF) which is also called Gurukul. It is home to about 450 homeless people including over 300 mentally challenged persons. Gurukul is spread out over 2 acres in a rustic setting not far away from bustling Gurgaon.

A bumpy and narrow road leads to the foundation which was founded in 2008 by Ravi Kalra, 49 who earlier was a martial artist without any plans for the future. Inspired by his tough father, a police officer, Kalra learned taekwondo which was a useful skill for him and took him places.

Having earned a good amount of money, he wanted to give back to society by doing “Seva” or public service. Kalra always had the urge to help others and there was a life-changing moment on the busy streets of Delhi. He came across a beggar child who was scouring garbage alongside street dogs. Kalra recalls “I despised my wealth at that time. I felt as if I haven’t done anything good for society. That was the moment I decided to leave everything and dedicate my life to Seva”.

In the few months that followed, he started his foundation and threw open the doors to senior citizens, the physically and mentally disabled, victimized women and people suffering from incurable diseases. Kalra strongly feels that they all deserve to live with dignity.

At Gurukul one doctor and three nurses are always available and there are over 450 residents living in five dormitories, three have been allotted to women and two to men. There are televisions, books, newspapers and a carom board for recreation purposes.

The Earth Saviours Foundation run without government support and doesn’t have enough beds for the 450 people who reside there, however it always welcomes the homeless. It is one of the most popular and talked about NGO in Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR. There are many people and groups who now regularly donate their time and money to this place.

Image source: The Weekend Leader

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