Dull Store Shutters Given A New Wave Of Fresh Breath

This uplifting news comes to us from Pune, India

There are areas that are known for their amazing shops. The Ravivar Peth area in Pune is known to be filled with too many wholesale shops. They really sell the best of items at really subsidized rates. By the time the sun sets, the shops are closed and the shutters are pulled down.

Alefiya Kachwalla and Annushka Hardikar are the duos who took up the task of brightening the streets of Pune. Alefiya is an advertising professional and Annushka is a graphic designer and an illustrator. She even has three books under her belt and they are namely Raising Rihaan; Oh Nari, So Sanskari!; and Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad. Alefiya’s father has a paper shop in the same street and so the duo decided to bring the most vibrant of hues on the closed shutters of the iconic shops.

Their project is called, “A fresh coat” and they wanted to beautify the shutters of the old shops and even narrate the stories behind the closed doors. Taking an instance to elucidate their project, they started with Gulamhusen Mohammed Bhai Shop. It is one of the oldest shops which has been there since 1937 and offer binding services. One of their six machines had been imported from Germany back in that era. So, this was a special story which is unknown to any customer. This is why the duo decided to paint this on the shutter and let the wonderful legacy live.

Soon, their project started expanding and they took help from several other freelancing artists. The street is now buzzing with too many artistic tales and they are hopeful that the place would soon become a top touring spot as art is the medium which transcends all kinds of boundaries.

Image source: The Better India

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