Garbage café in Chattisgarh offers full meals in exchange for plastic

This inspiring news comes to us from Ambikapur (Chattisgarh), India.

We all know the harm that plastic waste brings to the environment. Each day, tons of plastic waste gets accumulated at the garbage dumps and it becomes quite difficult to dispose of them. Rag pickers frequently collect such plastic waste and try to sell them off. Despite this, they seldom can afford a hearty and full meal. In order to ensure that these people get a full meal, the country’s first garbage café has started operations in Chhattisgarh. Under the auspices of this plan, the municipal authorities will provide food to the homeless and the poor in exchange for collected plastic waste.

Those persons who can fetch 1kg of plastic waste will be given a full meal and those collecting 500 g will be offered a hearty and filling breakfast. This radical café is situated in Ambikapur, which has recently been selected as the second cleanest city after Indore. This collected plastic will be used for building roads. This café will operate from the city’s main bus stand.

The municipal budget of the city provides for Rs 5 lakh in the Garbage Café Scheme. There are ongoing plans to provide the homeless with shelter. There already exists a road in Ambikapur that is paved with asphalt and plastic granules. This futuristic road was made by mixing 8 lakh plastic bags. The constructed road is durable because water permeates through the plastic and asphalt mix.

Under the auspices of the campaign, the Municipal Corporation will provide food free of cost to the poor and the homeless of the city. Not only this, there will be arrangements for shelter for these people.

This scheme is being associated with the cleanliness campaign where Ambikapur is the second-largest city in the country under the “Sanitation Campaign”. The mayor said that the use of plastic bags has already been restricted.

Image source: India water portal

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