Thai Teacher Uses Wonderful Ways To Make English Lessons Fun For Students 

This happy news comes to us from Bangkok, Thailand

Theeraphong Meesat has managed to hog the limelight for all the right reasons. He is an English teacher in Thailand and has come up with a unique way to make learning a whole lot of fun.

He teaches at the Prasartratprachakit School in Ratchaburi province. All of 29 years of age; he makes it a point to come to the class wearing some of the most outrageous outfits and even great deal of makeup. Sometimes, he comes in a grey wig which bears resemblance to Lisa from Blackpink, the popular K-pop band. Further, he makes use of feather duster to come up with dramatic eyelashes.

He is of the opinion that his main reason behind this antic is to help the students loosen themselves in the class. He is affectionately also called as Bally. He saw that initially students were afraid of learning English because they were embarrassed of the mistakes they made while trying to speak in English. With the help of such fun methods, the students seem to have loosened up a little and are now much more eager to participate in the learning process and learn English.

Sometimes it is these different methods which help students get better at what they do. It is important to know that learning should be made a two-way street. With Bally’s amazing and unique ways of teachings things can definitely take a turn for the good.

He is very hopeful that his students are sure to show remarkable improvement and they too will be able to become fluent speakers of the language. Sometimes, the backbone of being great students often lies in being a great teacher. Teachers have a lot to learn from Bally and his inspiring antics.

Image source: Canoe

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