Helen Burley Wins Heart By Donating 120 Dresses

This wonderful news comes to us from Taranaki, New Zealand

Helen Burley won a lot of hearts when she donated as many as 120 dresses to the high school wherein her son studies. This gesture was done to show the kind of gratitude and appreciation she felt for the students and staffs of the school.

Dan, Helen’s son had a tumultuous time at his previous school in Auckland as he was often bullied there and made to feel like he was a complete failure. Of course, this broke his mother’s heart and she was often worried about how it would adversely impact her child.

However, when Helen along with her husband and son moved to Taranaki and they got Dan admitted to Opunake high school, things started taking a turn for the good.  Dan found his true passion as he started showing good grades and found his calling in engineering and maths. Currently, such has been the prolific improvement that he got accepted to three different universities as well.

This moved Helen and she decided that she wanted to show her appreciation as to how much the school had shaped the career of her child. It was then that she decided to give away those dresses as the school’s ball was coming up in August.

These dresses are all new and they were a part of her dress shop which she owned when she stayed in Auckland. Not only this, she knew that merely donating dresses would be half an attempt so she arranged for makeup artists and hairdressers for the girls too so that they could have the best ball party of their life.

This gesture definitely made her win too many hearts as the staff and students can’t stop thanking her. Surely, it is incidents like these which help us realize that there is still kindness in the world.

Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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