Animal Angel, Opens NGO To Offer Info For Animal Blood Donors

This inspiring news comes to us from Hyderabad, India

Shiva Kumar, who is an electrical engineer decided to start an NGO called Animal Bloodline. The underlying aim of this organization is to save the lives of those animals that are in need of blood transfusion. He does this by offering a nationwide list of animals that in turn have been registered as blood donors.

In order to ensure that more and more animals could be helped, he makes sure that this service is offered for free. Back in his childhood days, he had the habit of rescuing animals who he found injured on the street. He used to carry them to the veterinary hospital and have them treated. When they were well, he would drop them at the same spot from where he had scooped them up.

However, one day, he rescued a dog that had been injured terribly in a road accident. Despite the help, the dog passed away owing to profuse bleeding after tormenting two days.

This incident shook Shiva and so he started searching about the possibility of potential animal blood donors and thus the whole idea behind his NGO came into being. When he did the research, he found that most of the pet owners were not even aware of the blood group of their pets. Heck, some even didn’t know what the possible blood groups are.

He started working as a pet activist and went to places like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and more. He created massive awareness and slowly, piece by piece, he lay the foundation of his website.

Today, he works avidly to help whatever injured animal in whichever way he can. Sometimes, it is this news which gives us hope that there are souls that still are blessed with kindness which makes this world a happy place to live.

Image source: The Better India

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