Riley Davis Shows The World The Power Of Self-Belief

This uplifting news comes to us from Wales, England

Riley Davis is all of 8 years old and yet his story can move stones, leave alone people. When he was a little baby, doctors confirmed that he would never be able to play any sports. However, defying all odds, he plays with the local rugby team and that is not all, he carries his oxygen tank on the back while doing so.

Sadly, Riley was diagnosed with a rare disease called the Children’s interstitial lung disease (chILD). This diagnosis came after Riley kept losing weight and his chest infection got very frequent. Of course, this news devastated his parents and the doctors weren’t too hopeful of sensing any improvement in his condition either.  Yet, the boy didn’t want to give up altogether and it was his zeal to break the odds and this made him finally be a part the local rugby team. However, he plays tag rugby because his condition doesn’t allow him to tackle and play the regular one.

His parents are very upbeat about the happiness which his inclusion in the team has given him. His mother was quoted as saying, “As soon as he started playing and I saw the smile on his face we could tell he just loved it.”

His father too couldn’t contain his joy and said, “He is such a confident little boy, he will go up and talk to anybody really. I definitely think that rugby has helped him with that and given him the confidence that he was lacking before. It has given him a sense of self-belief.”

However, things have never been rosy for Riley. He has been mocked by fellow kids and a lot of them also called him “oxygen boy”. Of course, being a little kid, it breaks his heart and yet it is his iron-will and the desire to beat the odds, which keeps him going. While he is least likely to live a long life, his parents are hopeful of seeing the most of him.

Image source: Wales Online

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