This fisherman has fished out tons of plastic from the seas

This uplifting news comes to us from Khozikode, India.

One need not be a scientist to comprehend the damage that plastic is doing to the environment. Conservative estimates say that there is so much plastic being dumped into the waters that by 2025 there will be more plastic in seas and oceans than there are fishes.

KV Priyesh is a fisherman who lives by the Chombala harbor in Khozikode. When he came across the above information, he was quite disturbed. He says the seas are his home and how we would feel if someone trashed the home with tons of plastic waste. He continues by saying the people think that the waste is only to be found along the shores, but the problem is deeper lying and the deeper parts of the ocean also have plastic trash.

Priyesh is not very educated having to leave school after class 10 but the 30-year-old has a wise head on his shoulders. He has always been aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste and he made up his mind to collect all the bits of plastic trash that he comes across while fishing.

Priyesh says that people have made fun of him, labeling him mad for what he does but his stance won’t change. Though the ridicule and the public apathy sometimes affect him, Priyesh is relentless in his drive for cleaner seas. In 2019 his anti-plastic crusade stretched for over one month.

The intrepid seaman also approached the Azhiyoor gram Panchayat and they helped him by starting an anti-plastic mission in his ward. GP officials also went around town in raising awareness for plastic and the detrimental effects it has on the environment. The plastic collection drive was split in a phased manner with 3-4 hour being dedicated exclusively.

The event was inaugurated by Panchayat president ReenaRayaroth. The entire workforce comprised of Priyesh, Panchayat members, local health inspectors, youth coordinators, Haritha Karma Sena members and ASHA workers. Interestingly there were many foreigners from other countries who decided to pitch in with their efforts. A 5 kilometer stretch to the coastline was scoured for plastic waste and Priyesh ventured 2 km into the sea for plastic collection.

In total this team has succeeded in collecting 13.5 tons of plastic waste and 10 loads of liquor bottles from both the shoreline and the sea. This is a very commendable start and it is encouraging to see ordinary people pitching in with their stellar efforts.

Image Source: The News Minute

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