Woman jumps out of car to rescue child running in traffic

This inspiring news comes to us from England.

A good Samaritan rescued a little boy who was running amidst traffic in the middle of a busy road-it was all captured by a CCTV camera.

CCTV footage shows a woman leaping out of her car and sprinting after the child as she runs down a street in Gravesend, England.

The woman said, “I did what anyone else would have done and just got out of the car as quickly as possible to grab the boy.”. The woman who wishes to remain anonymous continues,” I waited with him and his brothers until the police came and his mom was found. It was all just a shock to me at the time and the adrenaline took over me.”

Gravesend Police said in a statement that the child was shortly reunited with his mother.

Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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