Canada bans the captivity of whales and dolphins for entertainment purposes

This wonderful news comes to us from Canada.

Canada has just passed legislation that bans keeping dolphins, whales, and porpoises in captivity for the purposes of entertainment. It has also banned the trade, possession, capture, and breeding of these wonderful cetaceans.

The bill S-203 is also known as the “Ending the captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act”. It was approved by the House of Commons which voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill earlier in the week. Senator Wilfred Moore introduced the bill in 2015 which was subsequently sponsored by Senator Murray Sinclair. While passing through the Senate, the bill was championed by Elizabeth May in the House of Commons.

A coalition of over 20 leading marine scientists and various stakeholder organizations have endorsed the bill including the Humane Society International/Canada, Animal Justice, Humane Canada, the Whale Sanctuary Project, Ontario Captive Animal Watch, World Animal Protection, the Jane Goodall Institute, and many others.

Leading marine scientists agree that dolphins and whales suffer a lot of physical and psychological harm in captivity which includes isolation, chronic health problems, high infant mortality, extreme boredom, and abnormal behavior. Currently only two facilities; the Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland in Niagara Falls house cetaceans. Now, these two facilities will not be able to import or breed any new cetaceans in their facilities.

Image Source: Cosmos Magazine

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