Hero biker gets Dad and daughter to hospital in midst of heavy traffic

This wonderful news comes to us from Thailand.

A hero biker saved the life of a little girl who was having an epileptic fit by rushing her to the hospital while her family was stuck in a traffic jam.

Sorachat Sadudee, 51, the girl’s father was driving back home after picking up his two daughters from school in central Thailand. His youngest daughter, Kaimook aged 8 told him that she was feeling sick and very tired so the father tried to make his way home as fast as possible.

But Kaimook had a potentially deadly seizure and started to foam at the mouth before she eventually passed out in the passenger seat of the vehicle while it was stuck at a junction. The father who was trying to drive to the nearest hospital opened the window of the car and shouted for help.

Itthiphon Petchphibunpong, 28 was passing on his motorcycle when he noticed the father’s cries for help. He offered the panic-stricken father a ride to the hospital on his bike. The footage of the scene shows the motorcycle weaving through rows of cars waiting at the junction.

Kaimook finally arrived at the emergency ward within four minutes, much faster than what the family could have managed on its own. She was saved and later transferred to another hospital. The father says that he cannot thank his daughter’s savior enough and would like to meet him after his daughter recovers to thank him again in person.

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Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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