Mumbaikar fills more than 500 Potholes after losing his son to the civic apathy

This uplifting news comes to us from Mumbai, India

This was about the rainy season of July 2015.  Ram is a brother of Prakash Bilhore who is a 16-year old boy. They were travelling on a motorbike. Prakash has cleared his 10th class boards as well as was returning after submitting his admission to the college located in Bhandup, Mumbai.

Due to heavy rain, they took protection near Powai. When the duo reached Seepz close to Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link pathway, the street was fully clogged with the rainwater. The motorbike, unfortunately, got stuck critically in the pothole which is submerged under rainwater.   The motorcycle had fully dug into the ground before they had the opportunity to pull their vehicle.

The forehead of Ram was bleeding, but his helmet saved him from crucial injuries. On the other hand, Prakash has fallen and lay unconscious. The friends of Ram had taken Prakash to the hospital. Unfortunately, Prakash died.

Dadarao Bilhore, father of Prakash decided to do something no one had expected. He armed with the gravel, shovel, broken paver blocks and stones and began filling the pothole he noticed within 30 days of his son’s passing.

Since 2015 August to date, Dadaroa has filled more than 500 potholes as well as has been offered the moniker named “Pothole Dada of Mumbai”.

Dadaroa says that “I watched how the authorities waited without any hesitation until anyone died for filling the potholes as well as filing the FIRs. I never let other individuals die like my son.  I decided for doing this task on my own. When I noticed motorists and cars passing over the potholes, I supposed I should truly continue it.  Hence, my journey started.

There have been 3 years since this incident snatched my son and there was no respite for Bilhore. Many trips to BMC offices, police station and high court was not working. His father filed FIR case against both the contractor and BMC officials responsible for maintenance, but they were out on a bail. The case is actually in Borivali District Court.

Image Source: The Better India

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