A teacher from government school is developing a mobile library for poor students

This uplifting news comes to us from Gujarat, India

Priti Gandhi is a principal of government school named Kalol Primary School located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She goes some extra miles for imparting both wisdom and knowledge to the students.

She began an initiative for inculcating the reading routine among the government school students by creating a compact mobile library and also a “reading corner” initiative for students who do not have sufficient money for buying books.

She performed research about Kalol taluk to find the number of libraries available for kids. There is no library available in this taluk, so she decided to offer a compact book collection to the learners.  She bought an aluminum-based bag to carry 20 books. These books covered different subjects and topics, and then Gandhi gave that book bag to a learner for roughly about 30 days.  Once the learner is reading the books in a bag, she or he would return them at the due date.

This idea is worked well, so she did it as a daily activity. Now, she has roughly about 54 kits that she offers to the learners on a monthly basis.   There are lots of donors come forward for helping her with this good initiative and also funded this project.

Gandhi organized the books based on the levels and also keeping them properly in a reading angle for learners to freely pick up. In the ending part, the progress of students was checked through tests.

Impact of mobile library

She observed lots of good changes in the learners during the learning process.  She says that “the students have begun taking interest in their classes because they previously know several things with the help of books that they read.  Also, the vocabulary of students has improved.”

Future of mobile library

Now, Priti Gandhi has supported about 150 learners through her library project.  She is interested in increasing this count in the upcoming days.

Image Source: The Better India

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