Woman Rescued By Brave Firemen From A 90 Ft Well

This wonderful news comes to us from Tirunelvelli, India

29-year-old woman rescued by brave fire and rescue men after accidentally fell in the open well in Subbiahpuram village in Tirunelvelli District. Fire and rescue team rushed to the spot where the woman has fallen on Saturday.

V Gnanasoundari of Ammankulam Street in Subbiahpuram having some learning difficulties fell into the well accidentally in around 11 AM when she was washing and bathing. At around 11.15 AM, the locals informed the rescue personnel about the incident.

Fire service personnel immediately reached the spot at 11.47 am. The 7-member team that is led by S Pradeep Kumar made the rescue operation. More than 300 villagers have been surrounded by the well.

Hariharasudhan and Athinarayanan were the firefighters along with 2 locals carried stretcher, saree, and rope to rescue the woman. After long hours of struggle, they tied the woman in the stretcher with the ropes and saree and lifted up from the well.

The woman has been rescued successfully at around 12.45 pm. She was primarily given first aid and she only had a minimum injury. If there is more water in the ell, she could have drowned. She suffered a minor fracture in her leg but did not have any other external injuries.

The timely arrival of the brave firemen made it easier to rescue the girl from the 90 ft well.

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