Real Life Tarzan

This wonderful news comes to us from Hong Kong.

Jason is a man with a difference; he lives in the jungle next to the beach in Hong Kong. Jason ha a life that many people can only dream of. He spends a lot of his time dancing, making music, climbing the rocks and swimming in the vast open sea. He has grown his hair long and it looks good on him. He hasn’t had a haircut in the last 24 years.

Jason also grows his own organic food which signifies healthy living. He says” My hair is my source of energy and I will never cut it.” With the help of his friend Jason has built a very unique house. It is made of plastic bottles and dead tree branches along with a dose of beach garbage.  Jason says proudly that not a single tree has been cut to make the house.

Best of all Jason can live the life of Tarzan and make money while he’s at it. Disney discovered his unique talent and hired him to do what he already does but in their Disney shows. This is the perfect life that many people can only dream of, including Jason.

For most of Jason’s life, he had a pretty rough time. Growing up in the Philippines was not easy and his mother passed away when he was a little kid. For a while Jason was homeless, living in churches and metro stations. He tried to find a paying job that would keep him afloat but to no avail.

However, Jason survived his hardships and found true happiness in his current lifestyle. He says that city life is not for the likes of him, he has tried to live in cities but failed. Tarzan isn’t only a fictional character, it is also an adopted Filipino kid who loves his environment and loves his music. His mantra to other people – “Just be happy.”

Image/Video Source: Facebook

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