This man tried to land on the moon!

This wonderful news comes to us from Israel.

When you think of the moon, you immediately conjure up images of NASA, Neil Armstrong or even Apollo 11. But after reading this post you should also think of Yariv from Israel. Yariv along with his friends built the cheapest spacecraft in the history of space that actually reached the moon!

His story is truly out of this world. Yariv happens to be a 39-year-old electronics engineer from Israel. One day he hit upon the crazy idea of sending something to the moon. Energized by this idea, he took to Facebook asking who else wanted to sign up for this incredible adventure. Two of his friends replied to his post and said yes!

Immediately the three friends started working on one of humanity’s toughest missions; to land on the moon. Other people who watched them hard at work just laughed at them and said they never stood a chance. Yariv likens the project to build a car from scratch with no room for error. Even harder is the money science behind the project. After all to send something to space one would need billions of dollars.

Yariv and his friends did not have much money, and when they asked people for it, they were met with refusal time and again. Nobody wanted to invest in space, but the dream was big and they persisted. Eventually, the few people who stood by them gave them money and raised $100, 000,000 in donations. It sounds like a lot of money but actually, this was going to be the cheapest spacecraft that made it to the moon.

This seed money was not only used to build a spacecraft but also to educate kids. Hundreds of thousands of kids from all races and religions were benefited from Yariv’s grand design. His real mission was not to land on the moon but to inspire millions of kids to pursue science! He says “it is not enough to land on the moon. We need to show kids that they too can build spacecraft and land on the moon.”

On April 11th, 2019, after hundreds of setbacks, thousands of “no’s” and millions of space kilometers, the spacecraft got very close to the moon. It managed to take a historic selfie and then crashed, unfortunately. Due to engine problems it had a failed landing. Life for Yariv took a hard turn; he got into a skiing accident and became wheelchair-bound. Doctors say that he will be on a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But that is not stopping this intrepid space explorer who has again taken to social media for a second attempt at landing on the moon. Not many people get back after a setback, but those who do definitely succeed in their attempts.

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