Duchess Meghan accepts macaroni necklace from fan

This good news comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.

Duchess Meghan can look wonderful in anything she wears, and when she enthusiastically accepted to wear a macaroni necklace from a 6-year old fan in Melbourne, the boy has been flooded with offers.

The boy, Gavin Hazelwood had insisted on staying home from school so that he could see Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on their Australian Tour. And as a way to welcome the royal couple, Gavin covered some dinosaur shaped macaroni in gold paint and strung them on a ribbon.

Gavin then made a sign saying “I made you a necklace” so that he could capture Meghan’s attention and the plan worked. Markle accepted the boy’s little gift and proudly wore it around her neck for the entire duration of their outdoor reception.

Gavin thereafter created a website with the help of his parents where he could continue to make macaroni necklaces for $20 apiece. The cost might seem excessive, but then Gavin is not like other kids. He is donating his earnings to stillborn research as the cause is very close to his heart. Gavin had a stillborn sister in 2014 and understands the pain of losing a loved one.

Since the creation of the website, Gavin has been flooded with 250 orders from all around the world. Gavin writes that he would like to be like the Prince and the Princess and support charities. Gavin is very excited that his necklace money can be of help in saving other babies. We certainly need more people around like Gavin.

Image Source: e Online

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