Jamaican woman returns ATM cash and gets rewarded

This uplifting news comes to us from Kingston, Jamaica.

Honesty pays. Ask Ackaisha Green who returned millions of dollars that she found in a bag at an ATM in Kingston, Jamaica.

Following up on other personal and corporate donations to her, J Wray&Nephe Ltd rewarded her honesty with a huge donation of $1.2 million.

Of the total amount, $1milion has been designated for the education of Green and her two sons, $100,000 was provided in vouchers for food. The last $100,000 has been earmarked for an entrepreneurial venture and also for a refrigerator which Green is in dire need of.

Green was quoted as saying,” I wasn’t expecting anything because the money wasn’t mine. So to get all this, many thanks, not only you guys but to everyone who has reached out; J.Wray and Nephew, Digicel, Heart Trust and the rest of the people and the pastor at the cathedral; I just want to say thanks. This will benefit in a far way, going back to school and seeing that I have several debts with the kids going to school,”

Image Source: Loop Jamaica

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