Elderly man gazing fondly at date inspires thousands online

This uplifting news comes to us from the Philippines.

A normal and simple moment of intimacy between an old man and his fast food date has melted the hearts of thousands of people across social media.

This heartwarming picture was taken by Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo as he was dining at a McDonalds in the Philippines recently.

As he was eating his meal, Alonzo saw an older man looking at his female companion with the sweetest of expressions and full of love and affection.

As the man leaned on the table to look at his lady love, Alonzo snapped a photo of the exchange and promptly posted it on his Facebook account. The caption of the photo reads,” Even when we’re old, I’d still look at you like this.”

The post has been shared and liked thousands of times with some internet users using it to pledge their own love to their sweethearts. Others are hopeful that they would be able to share such a moment of love sometimes in the future.

This picture is a reminder that things can still be lovey-dovey even as old age dawns.

Image Source: The Independent SG

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