Two boys put Pokemon on hold to help elderly man cross street

This wonderful news comes to us from Auckland, New Zealand.

Two 13-year-olds, Blake Ockleston, and Daniel Coyle-Smith were out catching Pokemon when they saw an elderly man waiting at a double crossing in New Lynn.

Blake said that the man was shaking as he stood next to his walker. It was clear to the two friends that the man was struggling to walk. They immediately decided to put their Pokemon game on hold in order to help the struggling man.

The friends held onto the man as he walked but halfway across the crossing, the light turned green. Coyle-Smith said that he stopped traffic so that they could continue crossing the street. The boys decided to sit the man down on his walker and pushed him across the crossing and even the next one.

They walked the elderly man all the way to the train station and requested a security guard posted there to help the man further. The boys’ act of kindness was captured by Lyqueeshah Brooks who posted about them on Facebook. The post received a lot of likes and shares on social media.

Image Source: Daily Mail UK

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