Teenage Crane operator saves 14 lives in China

This good news comes to us from Fushun City, China.

A 19-year-old crane operator was hailed as an unlikely hero after he braved raging flames and intense heat to rescue 14 people trapped in an apartment building after it caught on fire. This incident happened in Fushun City of northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

The boy, LanJunze was working at a construction site in Fushun when he spotted a nearby building floor go up in flames.

Lan heard screams for help and promptly drove his crane to the location of the fire, which was a few blocks away.

Lan used the crane to rescue 14 people from the said apartment, the fire was understood to have emanated from the ground floor of the building. Lan says that he just did his job, nothing special. If only we had more like-minded people in the world, it would be a far better place.

Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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