Buck teethed boy gets new smile, bullying ends

This encouraging news comes to us from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Evan Hill was a sad little boy. He had had to endure a lot of ridicule in every step because of his large buck teeth, so big that the teenager was never able to close his mouth properly.

It took 5 years of orthodontic visits and the help of an embracing New Zealand community-based in Christchurch. With the added support from strangers in faraway places, Evan now has a smile to be proud of.

The procedural cost of fixing Evan’s buck teeth turned out to be a huge $100,000. But when his story went public, donations came pouring in from all over the country, saving Evan’s mother from having to mortgage their family home.

The operation was a success and Evan now sports a beautiful set of teeth and a winning smile!

Image Source: Good News Network

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